At Stratford Park we have started to send home activities for children to do with their parents and families as informal “homework”. For the first “homework” activity, the pre-school children went home with a skittles experiment, so the children could observe the colours mix and come away from the sweets. This followed on from learning about colours and colour mixing at nursery. Some parents sent us photos, observations and comments from when their child completed their tasks. It was lovely to see these pictures; we talked to the children at nursery about how their activities went.

As we had such positive comments, we thought we would share our experiences with the rest of Stroud. We placed an article in the Stroud News and Journal on Wednesday 11th January; it was published showing two of our children completing their experiment at home and some of the children’ and parent’s comments.

We plan to carry on setting informal “homework” for the children to try once a term. This term, the babies will have a simple task too!