Nexus Pegs to Paper at BarBar

In September Charlie and Tim from Nexus visited the BarBar settings to support us with the pegs to paper scheme. Charlie and Tim spent time with each member of staff training them on how to use the pegs to paper scheme effectively. The children also joined in the training session.

The children at The Rosary BarBar have now been following the pegs to paper scheme for a few months. The children have nearly completed the 5×5 patterns and will be moving onto the 10×10 patterns over the next week. The children have enjoyed incorporating pegs to paper into their daily routine and often ask “When is it my turn?” “Is it me next?” The children have shown such an interest and pride in their achievements. We are also thrilled with the feedback from our parents, with some parents wanting to follow the pegs to paper scheme at home.

We have noticed over the last few months the children are using more mathematical language in their play. The children are able to maintain their concentration for longer periods of time, we have also noticed a huge difference in the children’s pencil hold and during mark making activities the children are beginning to form recognisable shapes.

Well done everyone!