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The staff at Bar Bar show genuine love and support to my child and to us as a family, it is in this environment that my child has flourished. Their focus on good manners and respect is something we encourage at home and this has given her consistency.” Mrs S- Uplands Stroud

Both my girls absolutely love nursery and it’s clear how much the staff love their job. They always have new displays and ideas which my children are very excited to tell me about. Thank you – it does make working much easier knowing they’re enjoying their time!” Mrs W- Rodborough Stroud

strat park 1BarBar Nursery is a 49 place private nursery set in a beautiful parkland location, close to Stroud town Centre and next to the popular Stratford Park Leisure Centre.

Designed and developed by an experienced management team to provide high standards of child care in a safe and secure environment, it has large gardens which provide play areas including safety surfaces, a children’s garden and a baby garden. All children have supervised access to outside areas throughout the day, regardless of the weather! We often make use of the surrounding parkland to add to the children’s understanding of the world.

Coming to Stratford Park

strat park rainParents are encouraged to visit either with or without their children. This allows for nursery teachers to answer any questions or queries that they may have- after all you will be trusting us with your most valuable possession!

We use this time to understand your aspirations for your child whilst they are with us. We discuss how you want to settle your child in at BarBar and tailor this to suit individual families – after all, every child is unique.

Some parents are happy to leave their child and others prefer to bring their children in for a few sessions and stay and play and observe them before heading off to work. We will tell you that “you know your child best” and as such we will be guided by you.

At BarBar Nursery at Stratford Park we promote a relaxed and happy atmosphere to enable the children to feel safe, settled and secure, whilst providing a stimulating learning environment and preparing children for school life.

BarBar is open all year round but we also offer term time only spaces. We are open 8:00am until 06:00pm offering sessions 8:00-1:00, 1:00-18:00 or 8:00-18:00.

The nursery team consists of experienced and qualified nursery teachers. All our nursery  teachers have an enhanced DBS check. The nursery teachers have continuous professional development in first aid, food hygiene, child protection and many childcare courses.

BarBar is situated in the beautiful ground of Stratford Park. The children regularly visit the park, duck pond and woodland areas. The nursery manager is trained in forest school and plans lots of outdoor activities along with the staff for the children to experience. We also link up with our two sister settings twice a year for a summer and winter trip.

At BarBar at Stratford Park we have two main areas- a baby room and a preschool/toddler room. Our baby room caters for babies aged three months to two years and our preschool room caters for children two years to four years old.

At BarBar the children follow a daily routine which includes free play, adult lead activities, circle song and story times, meal times, sleep times, music and movement, yoga and outdoor play. The routine is relaxed in the baby room allowing for each baby’s individual routine to be met.

Our planning is child lead, this enables the children to develop around their interests. Our nursery teachers regularly observe the children and send updates to parents through the children’s individual learning journeys. The nursery teachers use these observations to plan activities for each child to extend on their learning. This enables each child to develop at a pace which suits them.

Baby room

We have two rooms for the babies, with an additional sleep room. Our front room is used for messy/sensory play and meal times. Our larger carpeted main room is used for free play. There is lots of space for the babies to crawl and walk in a safe environment. The room is set up into areas such as a quiet cosy area, role play, small world, sensory and a maths area. The babies also have their own garden offering lots of opportunities to play, explore and develop safely.

Moving to our preschool/toddler room

When the children turn two years old they can move into our preschool room. The children’s keyworker will discuss this with the child’s parent. When the child is ready developmentally and their parents are happy the transition to the preschool room will begin. The parents will be invited to have a look around the preschool room and meet the preschool staff with their child. We then offer settling in sessions before the transition, the child’s keyworker from baby room will accompany them and stay with them during their settling in sessions.

Preschool/toddler room

Our preschool has two rooms a large playroom and a smaller room for sensory/messy play and arts and crafts. The main playroom is set up into areas such as a quiet area for relaxing and stories, small world, role play, maths and a construction area. We also have table areas for games, puzzles and mark making. The preschool has a large outdoor play area which also includes a covered area, this enables the children to use the outdoor spaces all year round. The preschool garden has a large wooden fort and train, mud kitchen, craft/mark making areas, space to run and ride bikes and gardening areas.

Our preschool is split into two groups. Children in group one are in their last preschool year, and children in group two are aged two to three years; by splitting the preschool into two groups it enables the children to learn at a pace to suit their age and stage of development. Group one has a slightly more structured daily routine preparing them for school life. Within our preschool we promote independence and encourage and support each child as they gain skills, knowledge and understanding building strong foundations ready for school life.


Exciting news

We have improved the prime and specific areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in and around the nursery to support all the children’s development needs. Below are some examples of how we have been busy updating.

Fort Bar Bar

We have a fabulous addition to our pre-school garden, Fort BarBar! We have had skilled carpenters into the nursery over two weekends that have custom built our new space. We added to the additional funding (EYPP- Early Years Pupil Premium) to create this wonderful space which supports the children’s specific developmental areas.

Fort BarBar has a ramp; with a slide and two sets of wood strips to climb up on to the enclosed platform at the top. This promotes and supports the children’s physical development with their gross motor movements, their core strength and their balance. The platform at the top has two large glazed Perspex windows for the children to look through and say “I’m the king of the castle!” to their friends! Underneath the platform, there is a cosy area for the children to have quiet time, hide and talk with friends and practitioners. A tunnel has been created under the ramp.

We have had a health and safety inspector visit and he has confirmed it is more than safe enough for adults as well as the children. Once it was completed, the first day we introduced Fort BarBar, and the children came up with golden rules like “don’t push” and “you have to wait your turn”. The practitioners came up with some rules as well like “no big objects are to be taken onto the platform (i.e. chairs)” which could raise the risk rating on the risk assessment. 

The children have enjoyed using their imagination to create role play scenarios like dragons, princes and princesses after reading similar stories on the Fort. The children seem to really enjoy exploring and playing on the Fort in a variety of ways!

Fort BarBar


We have renovated our art room in the pre-school. One of our members of nursery teachers  has painted wonderful murals onto the walls to inspire the children to get creative using the available resources. In the art room, there are now painted spaces on the wall for children display their art work for the week. All of the art room murals have transformed the room and has made it more inviting.

Art Room

In the pre-school garden is painted a large tree with woodland animals and an alphabet caterpillar which has brightened up the garden. The children have made stories with the practitioners about the tree and animals and the alphabet supports their literacy development.

The children have also really enjoyed building structures and paths using the extra blocks and planks which were left over from Fort BarBar. The children also helped to plant seeds over spring which turned into delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs which the children have enjoyed picking and having with our meals.

Alphabet Caterpillar
Tree and Woodland Animals

Baby room’s Displays

They have updated their bathroom to an under-the-sea theme with pictures the children have made and photos of sea creatures for the children which the children can look at and talk about during their nappy change.

Under the sea Bathroom

In the story corner, the children have brought in photos of coloured objects from their home, which are on the wall for children to look at and talk about their favourite toys and belongings. This activity was sent home over the half term as a project for the children to do with their families.

The children also each have a photo album in the book case of photos of family and friends that they can access and look through at any time. This seems to have helped build up some of the babies confidence to talk to the practitioners about their home environments, people and places and has supported making them feel safe and secure.

Story Corner

Another brilliant display the baby room nursery teachers have made is in their transport area. Transport was the theme for the room planning for two weeks in which the children learnt about different types of vehicles. This was decided as the children had shown a great interest in the cars and trains during free play as well as looking out of the window and watching the leisure centre’s vehicles.

The display is now interactive as the children attempt to push the cars along the track they made during one of the activities and there is a large vehicle puzzle attached to the wall. The children can also see photos of themselves when they did some of the transport activities.

Transport Area

The newest area that has been updated is their role play area, which has now become a supermarket! The variety of photos of foods displayed, have helped reluctant talkers to speak about familiar and favourite foods. There are also money labels for the food and a till which supports their role play shopping activities.

Supermarket Role Play