Record Keeping

Initial Registration

Parents/Guardians are asked to complete a registration form and contract with BarBar before their child starts. Forms include contact details, allergies, medication, collection authorisations, authorisation to act in loco parentis, together with information for parents such as agreed charges.

Daily Records

MG_9847-290x193On a daily basis children are signed in when they are dropped off and signed out when they are collected and the associated times recorded.

When the children start at the nursery, BarBar issues them with a leaflet to complete at home with their parent/guardian. The leaflet asks the child their favourite things, colours, toys etc. to enable staff to get to know the children better. BarBar also give parents a copy of the EYFS curriculum in order for them to indicate any areas that their child has already completed and thus enabling the childcare team to better meet the individual needs of every child.

Every child at BarBar has a Key Person: a staff member whom the child bonds well with who is then in charge of the child’s individual needs (such as feeding, nappy changing, planning activities suitable to the child’s needs and interests, etc.) and a Buddy: a staff member who supports the key person and assumes the key person’s role in their absence.

Ongoing Development – the “Learning Journey”

At all of our settings we have now moved away from paper based observations to use an online system through a company called “Famly” for recording observations, assessments and plans for our children. This allows us to share observations more quickly and easily with parents and we get such lovely comments from our parents in return. The learning journey is automatically created from the observations and assessments, using uploaded photographs, videos and audio and parents can access these from their desks at work whilst their children are with us during the nursery day. The system also allows our parents to add comments to their child’s learning journey too.

“Famly” complies with the 2012 early years foundation years (EYFS) framework and enables us to create a comprehensive profile for every child at our nursery. We associate observations with relevant learning goals and plan the next steps for each child to achieve their key learning aspects across all areas of the EYFS.

“I love my child’s learning journey from BarBar. I will treasure it forever – it clearly shows me how R has developed and some of the milestones that unfortunately I missed whilst I was at work. Thank you all.”
Miss R, Stroud